Oral Presenters

Refer to the program for the location (room number) of your session. Bring your presentation files on a USB memory stick for loading onto the computer no later than the morning of or during the refreshment or lunch break prior to the start of your session. If you prefer to use your own laptop, please allow plenty of time to make sure that your presentation will run properly.

   Poster Presenters

POSTER SIZE: the poster boards themselves are 3.5 ft (wide) by 4 ft (long) and we will accept posters as long as they fit and are visible (real poster size no more than 36 inches wide x 46 inches long).

Posters can be set up as early as noon on Thursday August 27, 2020. Posters will be located in Regency Ballroom in the Lord Nelson Hotel. Please plan to stand by your posters at the Poster Session on Friday, August 28, from 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm. Please note your poster number when made available. Posters will have to be taken down by Saturday August 29, 8:30 AM.


   Cannabis and High-Value Plants Symposium

This symposium will provide a forum to discuss controlled environment (e.g. indoor, greenhouses) plant production related sciences & technologies. Abstracts based on scientifically rigorous work providing new information are welcomed from both academics and the industry. Due to the recent rapid development of the cannabis industry in Canada, presentations are encouraged especially those related to cannabis genetics, propagation, production (both indoor and outdoor), postharvest and processing. Of course, other high-value plants, such as ornamental, vegetable (e.g., microgreens) and medicinal crops, are also included.

For more details, please contact the symposium chair, Dr. Youbin Zheng


     Fruit Symposium

The fruit industry plays a vital role in the Canadian economy with a long tradition of social and economic benefits. New and ongoing challenges in fruit production and distribution require innovative and comprehensive research approaches to improve plant performance and fruit quality attributes, and to minimize environmental impact throughout the entire value chain. The CSHS 2020 Fruit Symposium will provide a forum for researchers and stakeholders to share and exchange ideas, gain new knowledge and discuss the most up-to-date science and technology supporting sustainable high quality fruit production. The full day symposium will have sessions focused on blueberries, apples, strawberries, grapes and other fruits. In addition to invited speakers, oral presentations and posters will be selected to present at the symposium. The goal of this symposium is to showcase emerging areas of science, innovation and collaboration that will enhance the sustainability of the Canadian fruit industry. We welcome interested participants to submit abstracts in all areas of fruit research including genetics, genomics, production, physiology, disease and pest control, postharvest, quality attributes and human nutrition.

For more details, please contact the symposium chair, Dr. Simone Castellarin 


     Advances in Canadian Organic Science Symposium

Organic agriculture has grown rapidly around the world as a model of sustainable production that has regulated standards and is driven by consumer demand. The Canadian Organic Science Cluster ( program has been supporting innovative research in organic horticulture since 2009 covering a wide range of crops from field crops, fruit orchards, greenhouse vegetable and beyond. Research topics have included soil fertility, pest management, participatory plant breeding. This special symposium will feature review papers summarizing the most successful achievements of the organic horticultural sciences while also discussing priorities for future research. Presentations that review or synthesize research, discussing advancements and future research needs may be submitted to this session while more specific research may be included in one of the other symposiums relevant to the commodity.

For more details, please contact the symposium chair, Dr. Andrew Hammermeister


     Innovations in Vegetable Production Symposium

The CSHS invites researchers engaged in vegetable research, producers, teaching, extension, public services, private sector and stakeholders to its 2020 Vegetable Symposium. The goal of the symposium on Innovations in Vegetable Production is to present and discuss current innovative research and address the industry needs. This would include: (1) newly discovered or applied technologies in the vegetable sector that provide opportunities to advance knowledge in pest and disease resistance, precision horticulture, nutrient management, increased choice of cultivars, and vegetable quality; and (2) new methods in vegetable production that support higher productivity, enhanced product quality, and marketable yield. Innovative practices can also help achieve climate resilient production systems by reducing water, nutrient resource requirements, invasive pests and disease. The CSHS is now accepting abstracts for the Vegetable Symposium.

For more details, please contact the symposium chair, Dr. Lord Abbey